Innovative yarn producer Spinnova is adding leather to the list of natural raw materials it can work with. KT Trading is lending its weight and its waste to the idea. Two major footwear brands, adidas and Ecco, are waiting in the wings.

Wet blue, crust and split supplier KT Trading has joined forces with Finnish bio-materials manufacturer Spinnova to produce what the two companies are calling “a new category of sustainable and circular textiles”. Their intention is to use waste from the tanning process as a raw material for a Spinnova yarn…

The circular-economy vision that has emerged from William McDonough’s early work on Cradle To Cradle suggests that we must make less, buy less and consume less. If this is to work, the things we do buy and use need to be made from genuinely circular materials.

Events company GreenBiz will…

A new law protecting leather’s identity will come into force in Italy in October. It will provide greater clarity for consumers and protect them from sellers of synthetics that seek to deceive them. It will also help make clearer the distinction between leather and plastic.

Ten arguments that make clear leather’s connection to the circular economy. CREDIT: WTP/FLATICON

There is no over-stating the…

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